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THE NEW HOMESMITHS & Cleveland Film Fest

After making some drastic lifestyle changes and paying off 100k worth of debt in three years, Ben and Meag purchase a 1989 bus, renovate it into a tiny home, and set out to traverse the country to discover what they want to do with their newfound freedom.

 Watch the 21 minute short film here…


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We can learn something from everyone we meet in life. Ask questions. Tell your story. <3

Ben and I left college amidst the global financial crisis saddled with mountains of debt, minimal savings and no safety net to speak of. We recognized how privileged we were, even then, and set out to create something positive out of our situation through hard work and goal setting.

In a time when social media overwhelms us with filtered lifestyle images of perfection, success seemingly attained instantly by sheer luck, we choose to tell a different story. Rather than cover up the five years of challenges and hard work it took to create the life we have now, we celebrate and share them. The purpose is empowerment and learning. We believe in using intentionality, community, perseverance and creativity to design a life YOU love. That’s the handwritten real deal.

We’re continually making the most of what we have to achieve our goals and help others as much as possible in the process. Our DIY life evolves with every day and we’re learning more than we ever thought possible. Stick with us…