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The New Hampshire 4,000 footers are a collection of peaks in the White Mountain National Forest that have elevation of at least 4,000 feet and prominence of at least 200 feet. Many of these mountains feature stretches in the at times dangerous and unpredictable Alpine Zone. The Appalachian Mountain Club (AMC) Four Thousand Footer Club started in 1957 to raise awareness and interest in the lesser known sections of the White Mountains of New Hampshire, and boy am I glad they did.

Moose, Ben and I shared 279.3 miles and 26 hiking days with the 48 4,000 footers in New Hampshire. We started in late 2015 hiking Mt. Moriah on a whim (first photo) when someone on the summit told us about the list. What list?!

The three of us went on to travel back and forth from Maine to the White Mountains to hike in the snow, clouds, rain, on ice, at night, and on plenty of PERFECTLY warm blue sky days. We spent HUNDREDS of hours together in the woods, many in complete silence, learning SO much, and I think about those moments every single day. Even the night when we thought hiking Tecumseh in the pouring rain would be a fun time. It wasn’t.

Every trail was completely unique. We finished with Zealand on September 2, 2017 and rather than being sad it’s over, I’m excited to explore the abundance of other trails and peaks in the White Mountains.


Teal = summited (48)

Brown = not yet summited (0)

Start Date: 9/28/15 – MORIAH

End Date: 9/2/17 – ZEALAND

LONGEST day: 27.3 miles – Bonds, Galehead, and Twins peak bag day.

FASTEST Hike: Hale. Runnable. Fun.

FAVORITE Hike: Isolation

TOUGEST Hike: Adams – because we accidentally took King Ravine and worried about our dog Moose the whole time. Thank GOODNESS for his harness! 🙂


Status as of 9/2/17 = 48/48