Debt Free Journey 2013 - 2017


Simplifying our financial equation prior to making the leap into a full-time mobile lifestyle in our bus conversion was essential in reducing our stress and fear of the unknown.

The freedom gained from saying goodbye to $100,000 of student loan and vehicle debt changed our lives in ways we never expected.  

Some 44 million Americans hold $1.31 trillion in student loan debt, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York reports.


Ben and I were a part of that figure with $80,000 of student loan debt and another $20,000 in car loans. Achieving our goal of debt freedom was a big part of this process. Everyone is different in their priorities, starting points and support systems but for us, this was a great way to go.


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YOUR LIFE IS YOURS TO DESIGN.  With debt freedom came CHOICES. We built a bus tiny home and traveled around the country for a while, explored mobile income avenues, blogging, public speaking, being involved with TV and documentaries, all sorts of opportunities. It’s up to you to establish the WHY behind your goal of improving your financial health.


The priority for us was to push RESET on the loop we felt stuck in, to expand our comfort zone. We wanted to explore the interests and new skills that were just budding and see where they lead, to be ourselves freely and explore where to land next location-wise. We had a lot of goals and none of them were to live on the road forever.

What provided that space for us to self-reflect turned out to be an amazing experience; a lifestyle of flexibility, mobility, and creativity. Being debt-free enabled us to set that foundation without added stress about finances. Fighting about money is the WORST.

We all have different starting points but the same simple concepts apply. What are your goals?!

We hope to help others with our story!