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Some 44 million Americans hold $1.31 trillion in student loan debt, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York reports.




We were once a part of that figure.


The freedom gained from saying goodbye to $100,000 of student loan and vehicle debt changed our lives. We committed to the goal of debt freedom and achieved it 3.5 years later.


free budget spreadsheet download the wild driveYOUR LIFE IS YOURS TO DESIGN.  With debt freedom comes CHOICES. We can build a bus and travel across the country. We can start a business. Our money and time is ours to allocate how WE want to.

The priority was and is a lifestyle of flexibility, mobility, and creativity. Being debt-free enables us to live that way. We want to help others with our story!



We didn’t have six-figure jobs and checks from our parents streaming in. We got creative. We inventoried the way we were living and adjusted areas within our control. In the process, we’ve designed a life that’s more joyful, passionate and clear-headed than we ever imagined.

And did I mention we’re debt-free?

This upcoming year is all about developing healthy and positive resources and information to help others reach their goals, plan for and GRAB HOLD OF what they deserve in this life, and so much more. Stay tuned…