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Intentional lifestyle design changed everything.

We’re here to share our passion for writing your own story; the active process of creating healthy habits, mindset and routines that enhance your physical, mental and financial health and help you reach your goals.

We are best friends and partners; we hike, run, laugh, travel, work, and dream together. We’ve known each other for over 15 years and we’ve been married for five. We paid off $100,000 of debt together, built a tiny home on wheels and now we travel the country together and write about what we’ve learned to help others. This is The Wild Drive Life.

We love collaborating with brands and media that are aligned with our outlook and mission. You may reach out to us by email anytime.

Physical + Mental + Financial Health

It’s all connected.

We show up on our blog & social media every day to help in your journey to design a life you love living, one day at a time. You’re worth the effort! We’re all about self reflection & empowerment. You have to work for your goals and you, you, and YOU over there — have A LOT to work with. 

We did NOT always value our mental, physical and financial health as much as we do now. We wanted to distract ourselves from our own goals and progress, frustrated by the burdens of debt and the expectations of others. We were going through the motions of life as others expected us to but knew we wanted more.

Where the Inspiration Began…

I’ll admit, I was equal parts frustrated and resentful about the fact that we had to shoulder $100,000 of student loan and vehicle debt in our early twenties. We made the choices and now it was up to us to act. Education is a privilege, one we’re incredibly grateful for but WHY does it have to be so expensive? The loan terms are for 10 – 20 years plus on some loans!

We made a choice to write our own story.

The Journey to Debt Freedom

Together we annihilated +$100,000 of student loan/vehicle debt in three and a half years on our own. The experience seriously transformed our perspective and habits. How?

We didn’t have six figure jobs and checks from our family coming in to help us get where we are. We made a commitment, goals, and developed a plan to work hard and make things happen for ourselves.


1.) We developed a low-overhead lifestyle to reach our goals.

We made changes in our habits, finance strategies and implemented a budget. We committed ourselves to spending LESS and using LESS. Being that engaged in our own progress brought us closer, both as a couple and to ourselves.

Not only did our actions bring us greater financial health but also enhanced our mental and physical health along the way too. The entire journey to debt freedom made us realize what a HUGE gap there is in personal and lifestyle finance literacy education. 

We still had fun, traveled around the country, but we also worked our tails off and became more crafty, creative, and WAY better chefs to save money. Hotels became campsites, and we enjoyed free entertainment in the form of hiking mountains and canyons; you name it. We FOUND ourselves, what we really loved, and found a deeper sense of joy during these three years together, it was pretty cool. Tough, but cool.

2.) We started designing life after debt.

Once we were close to “free” we just couldn’t wrap our heads around settling into one location and “buying” a house, at least not yet.

This realization was discouraging for us at first. Why are we so weird? We almost bought a house twice but backed out both times. Both times! We just couldn’t say yes to it yet. To know in our hearts and guts that we just didn’t WANT that (for now anyway), even though that’s what you’re supposed to do in your late twenties basically felt like we were failing at being adults.

Then, we found our bus in February 2016. For us, it was the perfect project, challenge and launching pad for other creative ventures.

We officially made the leap to a $0 debt balance across the board in February 2017.

We saved up, downsized our belongings and made the leap to a full-time mobile lifestyle in January 2018.

3.) We hit the road & began sharing what we’ve learned!

We’ve traveled through 31 states over 15,000 miles so far in 2018. We love connecting and collaborating with people all over the country to share our message of healthy, deliberate living.

Everyone is different and that’s the beauty of lifestyle design. You DON’T have to live in a bus to pursue your goals, be conscious of your resources, habits and health. We were crafting and improving and trying our best to live well long before the bus came around! This is just part of our grand adventure! We’re glad you’re here with us. We hope our words and message can help in YOUR story.

Recent Blog Posts

Marriage, goalsetting, downsizing, mobile income, debt freedom, healthy habits and more.

This is The Wild Drive Life.


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