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We are Ben and Meagan Poirier: ambassadors of positivity and saying yes to happy. We’re best friends and partners; we hike, run, laugh, travel, work, and dream together. Now, we created The Wild Drive together to share our story and mission for adventure and impact with you.


In 2018, we embark on full-time bus life in our 31 foot converted Chevy B6P bus. It took nearly two years to build it and reach a few major life goals to prepare for this great adventure.

If you’ve always had a voice inside you that wanted a sense of freedom, flexibility AND adventure coupled with personal growth and stability… we hear you! We believe you can have both. You can have a sustainable, fulfilling lifestyle and crush your goals.

We plan to dedicate this next year to EXPLORE, travel, connect, and build valuable resources to help others out there apply IMPORTANT and SIMPLE ideas that designed this debt-free life we truly love. 


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WHAT WE LOVE : Leading an active, healthy, debt-free Lifestyle • Simple, Tiny Living • HIKING • Creating & Giving Back

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The Wild Drive: Design a Life you Love Living.

Together, we annihilated +$100,000 of student loan/vehicle debt in three years and the experience seriously transformed our perspective, habits, and plans for the future.

We still had fun, traveled around the country, but we also worked our tails off and became more crafty, creative, and WAY better chefs to save money. Hotels became campsites, and we enjoyed free entertainment in the form of hiking mountains and canyons; you name it. We FOUND ourselves, what we really loved, and found a deeper sense of joy during these three years together, it was pretty cool. Tough, but cool.

We officially made the leap to a $0 debt balance across the board in February 2017.

Once we were “free” we just couldn’t wrap our heads around settling into one location and “buying” a house. This realization was discouraging for us at first. Why are we so weird? We almost bought a house twice but backed out both times. Both times! We just couldn’t say yes to it. To know in our hearts and guts that we just didn’t WANT that (for now anyway), even though that’s what you’re supposed to do in your late twenties basically felt like we were failing at being adults.

Then, we found our bus.

To us, buying a 31 foot prison bus and embarking on a complete tiny home conversion with zero experience seemed like a MUCH more comfortable thought than buying a house. Why?

I think our blog will answer that question in time.

This past year we’ve realized that we are much more comfortable with the flexibility, movement, change, creativity, and options that come with debt freedom, for now. I can’t promise that we’ll live in a bus forever, but I can promise that we’ll ALWAYS listen to our hearts and let that guide our next adventure.

This is not for everyone, but so far, it’s perfect for us. Welcome to The Wild Drive.

the wild drive bus conversion tiny living blog

We’re converting our 31 foot retired prison bus into a tiny home and are constantly shaping our way of life to keep us climbing in the direction of our adventurous goals.

WILD, to us, means flexibility, simplicity, opportunity, and the freedom to choose & improve. We’re committed to setting and crushing goals but we both so strongly feel that it’s NOT just about us. We feel best when we share! We’re here to promote and inspire a foundation for GREAT things: confidence, empowerment, and positivity. It’s a journey, and we’re ready to share our story.

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